Weekdays: When Westborough Public Schools are cancelled on a weekday, tutoring sessions at Cox Tutoring Group are also cancelled.

Weekends: If weather is an issue on a weekend, the student and his/her family should determine whether it is safe for that student to travel and then text his/her tutor to tell him/her your decision. Donna Cox: 774-258-0409. Michael Yu: 774-245-3392. If the tutor determines that travel is too hazardous, (s)he will text/email her/his students before their scheduled appointments to notify them that sessions are cancelled for that day.


Absences or cancellations due to illness are not held against the student. Students will not incur a fee if a tutoring session is missed because of the student's or a parent's illness. If it is not possible for the family to give notice of an absence due to illness in advance, notice will be accepted at whatever time following the missed lesson it is possible for the student/family to give such notice.

Other Cancellations

If a school-related or other conflict arises and the student is unable to keep a tutoring appointment, we would appreciate advance notice as soon as the conflict becomes apparent. Examples include concerts, sports games or practices, doctor's appointments, and other similar conflicts.

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