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Thank you, CTG!

"Dear Joyce, Happy New Year! Hope this email finds you well. I would like to share that [my son] has got admitted to his 1st choice school Northeastern University to study computer science and math. Thanks again for your help on his SAT preparation! . . . I would like you to help [my younger son] on the tests as well." ~HL

"I also wanted to send you a personal note, Donna, to thank you for encouraging and tutoring her in ways that have improved her confidence and clearly filled in missing gaps from missing classroom instruction for the last 2+ years. ... Her SAT score was the first time since the pandemic that she felt proud of an accomplishment and had hope for her future. She has struggled so much ... and believed that she blew it in 9th and 10th grades. Whatever you’re doing works for her. I am greatly appreciative." ~CH

"Hi Donna! I got my results back from the August SAT. I got a 1420 - 730 in math and 690 in english. Thank you so much for helping me throughout these months. You were amazing at explaining details and your experience helped me a lot. I will be forwarding you to my friends in the grade below me, as I believe they can benefit from your teachings as well." ~DK

"My older daughter took the SAT math tutoring from Benjamin back in 2019, and it was extremely helpful. Now is my younger daughter’s turn. She will be a high school junior in the Fall. [I hope] Benjamin is accepting new students." ~BD

"Dear Donna, Thank you so much for helping me reach my desired score range. I'm really happy with my score (1530) . . . I really can't state enough how much I appreciate your tutoring. Back when I took the PSAT, looking at my score I was pessimistic that I would even break 1500. Now, I've improved by 110 points. This wouldn't have been possible without you." ~AM

"Just a quick note to say that Allie had her first session with April and LOVED her! Thanks so very much. I was a bit worried about zoom sessions as Allie does not like remote learning at all (.. bad covid at home learning experience). But April was so engaging -- it went great. Thanks again!" ~AC

"Thank you so much for all your support for [my daughter] as she prepared for the SAT. She scored a 1570 thanks to Ben's help with English! . . . I really appreciate all your work!!!" ~LS

"Good morning Joyce, April, Donna. I hope all is well with you. I would like to thank both Joyce and April for the excellent coaching they provided for N---. She thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. She also became quite comfortable facing both ACT and SAT. Both of you built confidence in her and helped her go through the tests. Thank you both once again. Donna, thanks for ccommodating N---'s sessions at a short notice. I remember watching the discussion you had in the ISW session and when requested you readily agreed to find tutors in your school for N---. Thanks to you. Both my wife and I greatly appreciate the help provided by the three of you." ~GR

"I can not begin to express my gratitude to Cox Tutoring. Donna and Joyce worked tirelessly to accommodate my daughter's school, sports and work schedule to make sure she received the proper amount of tutoring hours in order for her to be ready for the SAT's. My daughter has major test anxiety and Cox Tutoring took every aspect of her learning difference and test anxiety into consideration while meeting with her. Donna had a level of compassion that went above and beyond. She encouraged my daughter and believed in her. She really wanted to make sure my daughter was ready to succeed. And did she ever! She increased her score by over 120 points! Look no further for experts in the SAT tutoring realm. Cox Tutoring is the place. You will not be disappointed!" ~LWS

"Hi Donna. I wanted to write you sooner, and certainly before we receive test results. There’s several reasons to take SAT prep classes. There’s improving your score. But there’s also managing the stress of the situation. My sense is J___ felt prepared and calm throughout test day. This was a concern of mine, and (fingers crossed) I hope we overcame this. Seeing J___ successfully manage the SAT experience is a direct result of your guidance and advice. We’re very grateful to be working with you! Just wanted to express that." ~S&E

"Thank you for all that you have done for her and our family. Your support, kindness and talent really impacted all of us. You’re running more than a tutoring business!" ~MS

"He's worked so hard and battled a lot of anxiety to reach this point. He and I have talked about how fortunate he was to have connected with you, Donna, and how much you have helped him to achieve his goals. Truly - you do important work for so many. You did important work for him and I thank you." ~CB

"You made a real difference in Cristina’s life. Thank you!!!" ~MS

"I have to say you have been a HUGE help to [my son] in Algebra II this year. He practically runs out of the house each Monday night singing "time to go have Donna teach me Algebra!" I know he has been using you a lot to supplement learning Algebra II this year - and I assume it's all relevant to SAT prep as well so sort of a 2 for 1 since Math his weak spot anyway :) So THANK YOU! He has struggled with the teaching style (or lack thereof...) of his Algebra II teacher this year and I know we are not alone. He marvels how in 15 minutes you break everything down and he understands it so much better than a week of class. More than anything, you give him confidence in Math - which is no small feat!" ~ES

"I’m so thankful for you and what you offer in our community. He's really thankful for your help-your name will live on in this house forever!!" ~CB

"I realize that today is our last tutoring session! Between B-- and D--, it feels like you have been helping and supporting us for a long time. Although I won't miss the pressure of standardized testing, I am sad that it is a sign of the high school stage coming to an end. I want you to know how much we appreciate your being there for our kids, for us, your flexibility and your ability to build not just knowledge but confidence." ~SU

"Donna, first let me thank you once again for being amazing to our son and always looking out for him. We thank you for being someone he felt safe with as he was learning. Being dyslexic can make you feel very vulnerable and sadly, unintelligent. With your help and others, we have diverted those thoughts that can run through his head. Your tutoring sessions, he never fought and I believe brought some calm to him. So much more came from your sessions outside of SAT prepping. Please know how very much your kindness has meant." ~CC

"Dear Donna, I've been procrastinating on sending this card. How do I thank someone who's been so much more than a tutor to my kids? Teacher, advocate, sounding board, mentor, guide, and all around fabulous person. Thank you for everything you have done for [them] and for me as well. Always willing to listen and give advice, always ready to brainstorm and help in any way you could. Words can't express my gratitude for your generosity, good humor, and awesome brain power! You really are a treasure." ~JC

"Donna, I just wanted to thank you tremendously for tutoring me in preparation for the ACT. It is a little late, but I wanted to share with you my results for the June ACT! Thanks to you, I got my 30 in math (which was our goal and 4 points higher than my last two) and bumped my English to a 35! My top score is now a 33 just with that test. I got my best scores on all of the subjects on this test and I’m really thankful for all the help. Your methods and strategies worked really well and I wanted to make sure you knew how much you helped me and my appreciation! I’m really proud of that score and a 33 was my goal, so thank you for helping me achieve it. Thank you again for everything! I hope you have a great rest of the summer!" ~HJ

Ben and Donna, I "wanted to give you both some feedback on today. [My son] tends to be skeptical by nature and wasn't sure he needed a prep class and said before we went in “not sure what they can teach me”. But the first comment he made coming out was “that was really great and I learned a lot already”. And that's a lot coming from my mild mannered [son]! He really connected with Ben and he is looking forward to learning more! So thank you both. So glad we found you!" ~CR

"Hi Donna. Sorry for notifying late about college. First, we want to Thank You for your help with SAT and Essay review which helped [our daughter] to go to the college she wanted. We had a tough time to choose between Carnegie Mellon and Vanderbilt and She chose VU as it was her top choice (we wanted CMU as it is close:) but glad she got in great colleges (Some with a lot of merit scholarship as well) and had the choice to choose (UmassAHonors, Northeastern, BU, RPI, CMU, Vanderbilt). ... Vanderbilt was her choice and she is Thankful for everyone who helped her to get here and hoping to do her best in college. THANK YOU COX TUTORING!!!" ~KG

"I am so grateful for Donna and all of the staff at Cox Tutoring for their exceptional help with both of my kids. My boys are very different but both loved working with Donna and benefited greatly. My first son is going to his top choice school, Georgetown University, and after working with Donna, his SAT scores went up over 130 points! My second son is preparing to take the ACT for the second time and after only a short period of time at Cox Tutoring, he reports that he is feeling much more confident with the material and utilizing strategies that he was never taught with his previous tutor.
I highly recommend Cox Tutoring for all types of kids with varying learning styles. They work with each student individually and focus on what their unique needs are." ~AR

"Donna, Ryan had his math final this morning. It was his last high school final. Whoo Hoo! I can’t thank-you enough for all you have done to help Ryan these past two years. He has gained so much more confidence going into math quizzes and exams. He was able to get through math class knowing he could come to you each week and you would clarify anything he had trouble grasping that week. You really helped to alleviate his math anxiety. I was also able to be more calm, knowing he was in good hands. He also really enjoyed being able to chat with you and share a few laughs. You truly have a special gift, Donna.
Ryan is so excited to be attending Bentley next year. He benefited greatly from tutoring sessions last summer to prepare for the August SAT. Your expertise and guidance in knowing he should retake SAT one more time in October was invaluable. You knew he only needed three more correct answers to move up to the next one hundred score category. I think this really helped his acceptance chances." ~KS

"Donna, how are you?! I actually miss our sessions!!! I thought I would give you an update on how the college process is going. A week or two ago I got into Indiana University, which felt good to know I was at least going somewhere! However, yesterday I saw I got into University of Delaware, which if you remember was one of my favorites!! I was so excited. I also got into the honors program, which is insane. I can't even believe it still. I just also wanted to say again THANK YOU SO MUCH. I would actually not be here without you. You were so helpful not only on just the ACT, but your advice on the process in general. I can't thank you enough for everything you did and with the help on the essays. Now that I got into UDel, the only other schools I am considering/ need to hear back from are University of Maryland and UMASS. I will let you know! I hope all is well and you are saving room on your wall for my college flag!" ~SV

"Are you [her] fairy God-mother? . . . I just kissed her good night and she told me how excited she is to see you tomorrow to do math!! Maybe you are not a fairy God-mother, rather a miracle worker, a saint, I really don’t even know! But anyone who can finally instill the love of math in my daughter is absolutely priceless!" ~ML

"Donna, just a quick note to let you know Jake brought his scores up 200 points!!...Thank you so so so much!!! He learned so much from you but more than that you really gave him confidence in himself and that was huge."

"Thanks for working with her. She thinks you are the greatest thing since sliced bread!"

"Just thought you might like to know that after the ACT's, Emily was a non-stop fountain of info and said at least a half dozen times, ‘Donna said whenever you.....then do this. So I did.’ She went in like she was walking the plank to a certain death and came out like a carbonated beverage!! " ~GM

"You are all the talk of the town - I am with J... (my oldest son's best friend) right now and we are celebrating his acceptance to UPenn and he gives you lots of credit!"

"You're brilliant and simply the best! I like your suggestion, and think I can make a more complete solid essay now. I'm going to revise it and hopefully have a better draft by the end of the night or tomorrow. And the other essays look great, thank you for trimming them down."

"Thanks for all your help. You were great. He LOVED you. I look forward to working with you when my daughter is ready. We will keep in touch."

"You are like family to my kids and without you they would not have grown in self confidence. You have taught them that seeking guidance and assistance from others can help them to conquer difficult situations. Your patience helped them to blossom in more areas than just math. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

"Our daughter, Julianne, worked with Donna on ACT preparation during the summer of her junior year. We could not be more pleased with the results. Julianne’s scores improved in all subject areas. Donna identified strengths and weaknesses, coached on strategies, and instructed in content; this combination made all the difference. Never once did Julianne complain about going to the tutoring sessions and seemed to truly enjoy working with Donna. Julianne was thoroughly prepared for the ACT. We highly recommend Cox Tutoring. We give a huge THANK YOU!" ~K&A

"Thank you very much for your tutoring on reading and writing; it really was a great help. I especially would like to thank you for your reading strategies - you helped me look at the passages and approach the questions in a logical, critical manner. I was definitely less nervous during the test. Now I feel more secure about applying to Columbia. :)"

"[He] is really liking coming to your session; yes, he actually told me that! He said you have a very soothing voice and are a good teacher! Wow, that from a 17 year old boy! Nice work!"

"FYI: Ali got 31 on her ACT. She is very pleased. Thanks again for your help. Feel free to use us as a reference this coming season! Will keep you posted in the fall on college acceptances....She was accepted to 3 out of 4 of her choices: UConn, OSU and Purdue. After taking accepted-student tours at all three, she decided on OSU. They have the greatest Athletic Training curriculum in their Allied Medical Professions College. It also helped that they gave her $7,800 in scholarships! So she's going to be a Buck Eye with your help".

"I don't know if Meredith has been able to update you yet on her college plans. She did ultimately do very well on her SAT's. She hit the 800 for math which thrilled her. I think the others were in the 670 range, so the counseling did help her very much and we are greatly appreciative of your ability to tune into her needs in such a short time....Thanks again for all of your help in her SAT preparation. She really felt it was extremely beneficial."

"She’s been very appreciative of all your help and looks forward to a very positive outcome on the test day. We look forward to sharing with you news of her test experience. In the meantime, we’re all set and very grateful for your insightful help."

"I've decided on Boston College next year and am excited for classes to start. ... Thanks again for all your help - I couldn't have done it without you!"

"Matt got 760 on both the reading and writing and 730 on math. He really felt his sessions with you helped. I think it made him more comfortable with the whole process. Thanks again." ~CS

"I applied Early Decision to Union College on January 15th. Just today about 20 minutes ago I heard back and I got accepted! I just wanted to thank all of you so much for all of the help that you have given me over these past 6 months. Your help has been priceless and it has really guided me through everything. I can't thank you enough. Thank you so much and it was an absolute pleasure to work with all of you and to have you help me through this. Whether it was SAT help, Essay help, Activity Resume help, or figuring out schools that would fit me to begin with, you all were amazing and made this entire process so much easier! Thanks!"

"Hi! I got a 760 on writing and a 700 on critical reading. I got a 10 on the essay! I am so relieved! Thank you for all of your advice!"

"I actually got a perfect score on May SAT. 800 in all three, 78 in grammar and an 11 on the essay. Thanks so so so much for your help, it clearly did a lot to help me out. Haha, I still think it's a mistake though; I'm still in complete shock."

"We really can't thank you enough for the prep work you did with him. He never would have done so well on the critical reading and writing without your help."

His scores went up about 200 points over his PSATs. "He was very complimentary of your style and understanding of the information."

"My younger daughter will be starting Geometry, and I would like to have [her] get a strong introduction from you. I know [my older daughter] mentioned that she probably would have done better if she had someone like you to teach her so she could really grasp it."

"[She] has thoroughly enjoyed working with you. She truly looks forward to her sessions and comes home with such a positive attitude. I can't thank you enough for all you have done to help her through this process."


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