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 How does CTG's tutoring system work?

We like to begin with the PSAT results from Junior year because we can analyze them to see where your student's particular areas of difficulty lie. We look at things like whether it is the difficulty level of the question or the type of question (regardless of difficulty) that gives your child the most trouble. We make note of the difference between the verbal (writing and critical reading) and Math scores to see where the most help is needed.

In our central Massachusetts office, we prep students for all portions of the SAT and the ACT. We provide background material for additional self-directed study, and we do timed practice so our students have experience with working under timed conditions, which is at least a small additional worry for almost every student. We also tutor Middle and High School students in their regular Math courses through pre-calc.

It is our philosophy that doing well on standardized tests such as the SAT and the ACT involves three aspects: having the skills, having a strategy, and knowing what to expect. We make sure that when our students take the SATs and ACTs, there are no surprises. Our students know how to recognize easy, medium and difficult questions; they are drilled in the most-likely-tested concepts; they are armed with strategies to follow; they know their strengths and weakness and how to use that knowledge to their advantage.

We tutor one-on-one so that we can become familiar with each student and give each one individualized advice. We are first and foremost a part of your child's academic team, always encouraging and never judgmental.

Our system recognizes that different students have different learning styles, so we combine lectures, visuals, written review material, practice using College Board and ACT practice tests, and "correction-with-analysis" to help our students improve their overall knowledge of concepts and ability to retrieve what they've been taught over their school years and in tutoring sessions.

We welcome your questions, so please email or call us if you have questions we may not have addressed in these FAQs. Our email addresses and phone numbers are in the leftmost column of every page on this site. We look forward to hearing from you.

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